Business and Corporate Law

Business and Corporate Law Services in FL

Pitell Law Firm provides business and corporate law services to companies in all of Florida. Our attorney, Lisa Y. Shorts Pitell, specializes in corporate law and offers comprehensive legal solutions to businesses of all sizes. She understands tax law and how to build a solid foundation from the ground up, and her expertise allows her to serve a wide range of needs. She understands the complexity of business laws in the United States and Florida and won't lead you astray. Place your trust in Pitell Law Firm today.

Pitell Law Firm's Comprehensive Services

Pitell Law Firm has established an impressive reputation for serving various business clients – from mom-and-pops and non-profits to corporations. Lisa Y. Shorts Pitell offers the following legal services:

  • Corporate Entities: We assist our clients in creating various corporate entities, including C corporations, S corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), general partnerships, and limited partnerships.

  • Non-Profit Organizations and Tax-Exempt Status: The firm provides legal services to non-profit organizations seeking tax-exempt status, guiding clients through the complex application process for obtaining tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

  • Corporate Contracts and Business Succession Planning: We offer comprehensive legal solutions for corporate contracts, including drafting, reviewing, and negotiating various agreements such as employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and partnership agreements.

  • General Corporate Counsel: Pitell Law Firm serves as general corporate counsel, providing ongoing legal advice and guidance on compliance, risk management, and contract negotiations.

  • Asset and Stock Purchases and Corporate Reorganizations: Lisa Y. Shorts Pitell handles asset and stock purchase/sales and corporate reorganizations. She guides clients through the process, from conducting due diligence to negotiating favorable terms and finalizing the deal.

Top-Tier Legal Services for Florida Businesses

Pitell Law Firm is committed to providing clients with exceptional legal services. Our attorney stays current with the latest changes and federal and Florida state law developments to ensure you receive the best possible representation. Regardless of whether you require one-time services for setting up a beneficial tax structure or long-term representation, Lisa Y. Shorts Pitell can help. Contact the firm today to schedule an appointment.