Taxation Law

Taxation Law in FL

Pitell Law Firm has years of experience providing Florida residents with taxation law services. Lisa Y. Shorts Pitell specializes in taxation law and tax return preparation, making her one of Northwest Florida’s best resources for those who require assistance on yearly tax returns and audits. No matter the situation, she can help you achieve a satisfactory resolution. Lisa uses her expertise to navigate Florida state law and federal statutes while keeping things as simple as possible for her clients. If you need help with your taxes, place your trust in Pitell Law Firm today.

What is Taxation Law?

Taxation law is crucial in determining how much tax an individual or business owes and outlining the procedures for filing tax returns and resolving disputes related to taxation. Taxation law is primarily based on the federal tax code enforced by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). However, individuals and businesses must adhere to state and local taxation laws. Attorney Lisa Y. Shorts Pitell understands how complex these laws might seem to her clients and wants to provide you with the same help she has given countless others.

When Do I Need a Tax Lawyer?

You may need a tax lawyer in various circumstances. Lisa Y. Shorts Pitell has worked with clients in numerous situations, making her firm an outstanding resource for you. In the past, we have helped people and businesses like you with the following:

  • New Business Setups: Establishing a solid foundation before starting a business is crucial. Part of that includes tax structure and treatment, which can dramatically impact profits and how easily you handle end-of-year taxes.
  • Non-Profit Tax Filings: Non-profits follow complicated and essential tax laws, and Pitell Law Firm can help your organization stay ahead of all relevant tax codes. Lisa has the expertise required to keep you compliant in Florida and nationally.
  • Estate Planning: The bigger the estate, the more complicated the tax issues. Pitell Law Firm specializes in will, trust, and estate planning and can handle any taxation problems that might arise while handling an estate.

Why Choose Pitell Law Firm?

Lisa Y. Shorts Pitell has a deep understanding of tax laws and is dedicated to helping you navigate them. She uses a personalized approach to each case, stressing the importance of understanding your needs and goals. Her proven track record and reputation are due to those qualities. You can trust Lisa to handle all your legal matters efficiently and effectively.